Inversion Table Reviews: How to Treat and Relieve Lower Back Pain

Why Innova Inversion Therapy Table is So Effective…

inversion tableThe inversion table is one of the more effective ways for back pain relief because it can:

  1. Relieve pressure on the back
  2. Reduce compression in the spine
  3. Stimulate the lymphatic system & may decongest vital organs 

Effective Home Treatment That Easily Stores Away in Your Closet

If you want to relieve back pain, then the last thing you want is a bunch of complex parts and difficult technology.

No more expensive, hard-to-use gadgets that you’ll get lost on or grow frustrated over!

The therapy table easily collapses for you to store away in a closet or off to the side for future use.

inversion therapy table

Back Pain Treatment That is Super Fast – In 1 Minute!

relieve back pain fastThe Inversion Table is an easy addition to your daily routine.

Running late for work? No worries…

Just pop into position for a minute or two and feel instant relief!

Innova Inversion Therapy Table Benefits Include

  • Easy, fast, safe & painless therapy
  • Shortens recovery time
  • Drug-free, non-addictive & ZERO side effects
  • Adjustable and suitable for most everyone

And Since the Innova Inversion Therapy Table Is So Convenient, There is Absolutely…

NO wasting hours every day just to get minimal results at best…

NO sitting around in doctor’s offices waiting for expensive recurring back pain treatment…

NO worry about missing a treatment because you’re having a lazy day…

NO need to arrange your entire life around your back pain relief!

The Best Part? A Full One-Year Product Warranty!

The Innova Inversion Therapy Table has a one-year product warranty.

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What Customers Are Saying About Innova Inversion Therapy Tables…

Final Verdict: Is the Inversion Table Worth It?

back pain reliefAnswer: Yes!

Bottom line:

Anyone suffering from back pain can appreciate ANY amount of pain relief…

It takes 1-2 minutes to use…

Progressively works over the long term…

It’ll save you hundreds of dollars by avoiding other expensive back pain treatment…

And, enhances any of your current medical back pain treatments.

Final Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

It’s Important You Treat Your Back Pain Right Now…

Because If you DON’T do anything today, your back issues may just get worse:

How to Relieve Back Pain

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Inversion Table FAQs

Q: Can you invert completely upside down?
A: If you are new to using the inversion table, then I highly recommend easing into it. The table has 5 different settings and I’d recommend starting at 15 or the slight inversion. See how you feel in that position a few times before moving onto more advanced settings.

Q: How much weight can it hold?
A: My body weight is 190 pounds and the equipment holds with no signs of duress. The instruction manual says it can hold up to 300 pounds.

Q: What if I’m feeling more pain than usual after using it?
A: You should NOT feel pain when using this equipment. However, if you do experience more pain, then you may want to decrease the angle and choose a lower setting.

Q: Can I exercise my abs on this table?
A: No, don’t use it for anything other than its intended purpose.

Q: Is it difficult to store?
A: Not really. All you have to do is pull a pin, collapse it and slip it into a closet. If you aren’t sure about the size, then make sure you check the dimensions listed in the product details at this link.

Q: Do I need any tools for assembly?
A: No, it comes with all the tools you’ll need. In fact, for a little more money, you can have the inversion therapy table assembled for you. It took me about an hour to put together with their tools. I would’ve had it done sooner had I read the directions. haha

-Dale Roberts